Finally, you CAN be everywhere at the same time! CASPER monitors vacant houses for smoke detector sirens, break-ins, and other events. When an event happens, CASPER sends alerts to neighbors by phone and text to warn of imminent danger. Alerts are also sent to your city’s Emergency Services so they can quickly respond to the situation.

CASPER is simple to install and maintenance free, making it super easy to help protect thousands of families from fires and crimes in hot spot neighborhoods. The online CASPER Portal effortlessly displays actionable data and insights so cities can better manage resources, plus it enables an opportunity for community engagement so cities can continue to make neighborhoods safer.

Louisville’s Success

In 2015, the city of Louisville, KY noticed a big problem: half of all fires involving two or more buildings involved a vacant property. The city recognized the threat to families and challenged the community to make a solution – and they did. A team of makers developed CASPER. The city piloted 10 devices across 15 homes for six months, culminating in over 100 successful tests, two real life confirmed detections, and zero false positives. Following the success of the pilot, Louisville is expanding the program to more homes to ensure the safety of all Louisville families.

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The CASPER Beta is now open! Start your city’s pilot today!